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E L I J A H   M A D D E R N   M U S I C

Early Childhood Sessions

After conducting a volunteer session at an early childhood education centre I’ve developed a deep passion for teaching and capturing children’s innate enthusiasm for music. Through collaborations with qualified early childhood educators I have gained a firm grounding in the fundamentals of sharing and teaching music in an early childhood setting.

Our program has been developed from love, passion, and experience in the music industry. I am committed to creating a real music program for children, where children are able to explore live performance, how instruments work, and the different genres and cultures of music, beat, rhythm, melody and movement.


Elijah Maddern Music doesn’t rely on instrumental backing tracks. Our program brings a variety of percussion and melodic instruments for the children to hear and see in live performance, as well as percussion instruments for each child to play during sessions.

Our belief is that involvement with music enriches a child’s life. With an Advanced Diploma of Music and an understanding of children’s creative, cognitive, physical and social development, our sessions have been designed to help develop aural perception, memory, and an understanding of the basic elements of music, while building a love and appreciation for the art of music in a fun and relaxed environment.

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