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E L I J A H   M A D D E R N   M U S I C

For as long as I can remember music has been a big part of my life, even before I picked up an instrument. As a kid, listening to and dissecting songs was my idea of fun. Then, when I did start practicing music - beginning with singing, then drums and guitar, the songs and sounds I'd heard along the way took on a new life.


Since joining my first band at 15, and later moving to Melbourne to study music, I've been fortunate enough to play, write and collaborate in a number of originals and cover acts, and grow alongside some of Melbourne's finest musicians.


I have now worked for over a decade performing and teaching, from acoustic to big band, soul to psychedelic, and early childhood to aged care. I have been lucky to carve a life in an industry I love. 

 Elijah Maddern Music has been created out of a genuine desire to offer a personalised experience over a number of platforms, be it music for special occasions, early childhood education, or instrumental teaching.

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